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Windowsill Salad Kit: ORGANIC Confetti Salad Mix

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Orange Pippins Windowsill Salad Kit! Grow a garden on your windowsill any time of year. These mini plants bring big FLAVOR and big FUN for all ages!

This kit contains everything you need:
2 biodegradable grow mats
1 package of organic seeds
Grow tray
Blackout cover

ORGANIC Confetti Salad Mix: Turn your salads into a party – throw these microgreens this way and that! This mild mix makes food festive and fun, while adding a major dose of nutrients. Contains Kale, Cabbage, and Kohlrabi.

What are microgreens? They’re plants harvested in their adorable infancy; in much of Europe you will see them growing on kitchen windowsills and providing fresh greens year round. They provide a multitude of lovely flavors, textures, and colors, are easy to grow, and are many people’s first exposure to gardening. Get ready for your own daily Plant Watch!