Windowsill Salad Kits

COMING SOON...The Orange Pippins Windowsill Salad Kits!  Grow a garden on your windowsill any time of year.  These mini plants bring big FLAVOR and big FUN for all ages!
Microgreen Windowsill Salad Kit
Orange Pippins Microgreen Growing Kit
What are microgreens?  They’re plants harvested in their adorable infancy;  in much of Europe you will see them growing on kitchen windowsills and providing fresh greens year round. They provide a multitude of lovely flavors, textures, and colors, are easy to grow, and are many people’s first exposure to gardening. As fresh greens they are used in everything from salads to soups — as well as in the classic English tea sandwich.  Then, if that wasn’t enough, they contain tons more nutrients than an equivalent amount of mature greens!  Eat your whole salad in a tablespoon!  Finally, it’s a fun indoor activity to grow microgreens at home.  Get ready for your own daily Plant Watch – you will be riveted to see them getting bigger before your eyes.