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'Franz Kafka' Pompom Dahlia

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If anyone knows the origin of this dahlia’s name I’m on the edge of my seat. He’s one of the last people I think of when I think of “purple lollipop flower”. I know he had a romantic side, though his love letters talk about clinging to his love in a grave for all eternity, so in the tragic-romantic vein. I have to share one of his most romantic quotes because it gives me the giggles:

Love has as few problems as a motor car. The only problems are the driver, the passengers, and the road.

Anyway, may I present the pompom dahlia in vivid violet known as Franz Kafka. Love is a complex thing and maybe so is this flower, but mostly it’s lots of fun for arrangements and a good choice for the smaller garden or pots. Plants reach around 3’ and flowers are up to 4”. Includes 1 tuber clump.

Ships in 1-2 weeks.

Origin: The Netherlands.