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Microgreen Jar--Nasturtium Seeds

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Orange Pippins nasturtium microgreens have adorable little lily-pad leaves with ruffled edges. The flavor is verdant and wasabi-like. Try them in sushi bowls or other fish dishes or with a cucumber and avocado salad.

ABOUT: What are microgreens? They’re plants harvested in their adorable infancy; in much of Europe you will see them growing on kitchen windowsills and providing fresh greens year round. They provide a multitude of lovely flavors, textures, and colors, are easy to grow, and are many people’s first exposure to gardening. Get ready for your own daily Plant Watch!


Plant indoors in potting soil in anything from takeout containers to old teacups. Shallow containers work well. Drainage holes reduce the risk of overwatering but aren’t necessary. Plant densely but not overlapping, cover seeds with a layer of soil, and keep moist but not sodden. Place in darkness until seeds emerge checking daily for water. Then move to a bright windowsill, continuing to keep moist. Harvest by cutting with kitchen shears or a knife when plants reach 3-6 inches according to your preference.