Tromboncino Squash

Tromboncino, also known as zucchetta rampicante and Tromba d’Abenga is, in a word, hilarious. You won’t believe these curvy trombone-shaped pale green fruits. You could be satisfied growing them just as curiosities but they’re also delicious! And you have three chances to eat them--as squash blossoms (stuffed with cream cheese, yummy!), as a sweet and nutty zucchini raw or cooked, OR left on the vine to harden off to eat as a Winter squash. I’ve even had them candied.

A word of warning--these are BIG plants that can engulf a large area so be prepared to give them some room or grow them up a trellis. Plant 4-5 seeds at a depth of 1” in mounds amended with a few handfuls of compost. When plants are a few inches high remove all but the 1 or 2 very strongest looking ones.

Bria PhillipsComment