Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

Dill's Atlantic

Meet the Big Daddy of pumpkins! Are you ready to grow a pumpkin large enough for Cinderella to ride in? This is the variety that often takes the blue ribbon for “Largest Pumpkin” at the County Fair. Though they get big enough without special treatment the trick to growing really HUGE fruits is to provide lots of sun, water, and compost and to remove all but the strongest plant and the biggest pumpkin. That’s right, we’re going for quality, not quantity here.

Plant 3-4 seeds in a mound of soil and once the plants emerge, select the tallest one and weed out the rest. As the vine grows pick off all flower buds until the pumpkin vine is about 10 feet long. Then allow the plant to flower and develop pumpkins. After a few weeks remove all but the largest single pumpkin. Turn your pumpkin frequently so it doesn’t grow lopsided and when it gets really large you can roll it onto a piece of cardboard to keep it off the dirt. Harvest it after the first frost has caused the vines to turn brown and wither. Dill’s isn’t just a spectacle, it’s also good eating. You can cook up enough pumpkin pie to feed a small village!